Water Skiing Tips

Water Skiing

Water skiing is quite challenging and the trouble of offside turn is identified by many skiers all across the globe. If you want to enjoy your skiing without any trouble then have a look at the water skiing tips highlighted here.

Have a good stretch

It is important for you to understand that you need to do a good stretch both before and after you go on the water. You do not have to do much; just stretch your arms and legs without hurting your back. There are many of you who skip stretching your body after you are done with water skiing. This is absolutely wrong as after skiing you need it more than before as in water skiing your body uses your hands and legs very intensively.

Do not stand up too quickly

There is one common mistake which many water skiing beginners do is to stand up immediately when the rope starts to pull. You must not do this and try to keep your knees bent right up to your chest and your arms dead straight with your knees outside when getting up slowly once the rope starts to pull. You must also ensure that your shoulders and the rope between your skis.

Keep your knees, hips, and shoulders all in line

This is one of the most important water skiing tips that you must pay heed to. You need to have a balanced stance on the ski if you do not want to hurt your body parts severely. You must not forget to is keep your knees, hips, and shoulders all in line. Furthermore, you must try to squat on the ski with your lower body. Make sure you never tense your arms as it will lead to a heavy shoulder.

Never look down at your skis

There are many beginners water skiers who look down at their skis and get unbalanced. That is why it is highly advisable you keep your eyes always up and look ahead.  Also, in case you feel that you are losing your balance then don’t try to hold on to the rope instead leave it and get floated on the water. You must never forget to wear a life jacket.

Grip It Right

You need to ensure that you grip it right and you can do this by keeping your foot and hand in right directions.  It is suggested that you make the grip change to hook when you are on the offside turn.


If you are someone who wants to enjoy your skiing then do follow all the aforementioned water skiing tips. These are quite helpful and will allow you to have fun without hurting you.